Brendan Prince

Graphic Designer & Artist


I am accepting freelance opportunities for artwork and graphic design




Rochester, NY

Manhattan, NY

SUNY Fredonia


I graduated with a BFA degree in Graphic Design, from SUNY Fredonia in 2011, and received a BA degree in Fine Art.

After college, I worked at Partners + Napier in Rochester for two years before moving to New York City and working at NBC Sports. I created print and digital design work for the NHL, NFL, Premier League Soccer, NASCAR, and more.

I am currently on Creative Studio at WeWork, working on Special Projects, as a part of the Art & Graphics team. We are an in-house environmental graphic design team, creating custom art for WeWork offices, globally, as an extension of the Interior Design department. Much of our work includes murals, paintings, neon, wallpaper and rug designs, and curating independent artist’s work into our spaces.


I’ve played ice hockey my entire life, which ultimately sparked my interest in graphic design, with my love for sports logos. I try to be very diverse with my work and keep trying new things. I never understood why artists stick to one style for too long, and have a portfolio filled with the same thing over and over. The last thing a creative person should be is predictable.



Esquire Magazine
Custom lettering for The Best Bars in America article.
May 2014

Los Logos Vol. 7
Logo designs featured in Los Logos 7, an authoritative reference on contemporary logo design worldwide.
September 2014


SUNY Fredonia
Discussion of work for NBC Sports, techniques and demonstrations on hand-lettering and logo design
March 2015

Rochester Institute of Technology
Techniques and demonstrations on hand-lettering
January 2014





North Carolina




Yes, I took time-off to go to Edmonton and Calgary in early April. My trip there was almost instinctive. I wanted to go somewhere new and catch some hockey games. Knowing I probably wouldn’t convince anyone to go with me, I figured I’d use the trip to clear my head, get some work done, and just be somewhere new where I wouldn’t know anyone. I was surprised how walkable Edmonton was and how much nature surrounds the city. It’s definitely a summer city with all of its parks, pathways, and large river running through the middle. Though I didn’t go to as many bars and restaurants as I usually do when I travel, I was more interested in keeping things simple and taking time to myself.




Calgary was part two of my Alberta trip. Not going to lie, I thought I would be surrounded by mountains like in Vancouver, or Colorado for example, but no. I could see the mountains of Banff from my hotel window on the 27th floor, but that was about it. I was never planning on going to Banff when I went on this trip; I will save that for another time if I travel with friends. Got to see The Battle of Alberta in Calgary, an NHL game between the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers, which is something I always wanted to see. With my luck, most of the team’s star players were not playing in the game, because they were resting for their first-round ass whooping against Colorado Avalanche in the playoffs, which did happen. The Flames arena, The Scotiabank Saddledome, was honestly pretty brutal. I felt like I was at a Junior A game in Mississauga or something… most OHL arenas are better. Like in Edmonton, I did a lot of walking. Calgary still feels like an olympic city, from when they last hosted in 1988. Very walkable and a lot of good small places to eat.





Dublin & Limerick

I knew I would eventually go to Ireland sooner than later, but I wanted to make sure I did it right. I decided to go with my family over the summer before my 30th birthday. We spent a week in Ireland, mostly in Limerick where my grandmother was born and raised. We also spent time in Dublin, Doolin, and Galway. The most memorable moments were in the time spent in Limerick; I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and I’ll never be able to put the experience I shared with my immediate family, and extended family, into words. In my mind, it was the perfect vacation. The Limerick Hurling team won their first “All-Ireland Championship” for the first time in 45 years while we were there. We got to experience the trophy celebration in the village of Adare, a place I need to spend more time in next visit. The timing for this trip couldn’t have been better. I’ll have to keep going back to Ireland as long as I’m alive. Favorite bar and restaurant I have to recommend would be The Lucky Duck near St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin.


The Palace Bar
Flannery's Bar
Whelan's (Live Music)
Porterhouse Temple Bar
Swan Bar


The Lucky Duck
The Chop House
Tomahawk Steakhouse




My second time back in Seattle, but this time… alone. I’ve grown used to doing a lot of things alone through out my twenties, and used to smirk at, but this time felt like a missed opportunity just as much as a moment to reflect; something I’ve definitely always needed in my life. I came here for an art install in Bellevue, but stayed the weekend in Seattle, which happened to be right after I turned thirty years old, so… it felt different. I enjoyed looking at the sunset more than drinking and eating, which was surprising for me to realize. I try to make it to the Pacific Northwest as much as I can at this point. Vancouver & Seattle are so beautiful and stimulating to me that it’s something I probably won’t be able to go long without visiting again.




My favorite thing about Atlanta is definitely how green it is. As big as Atlanta is, it still feels like a best kept secret. Surprising, a lot of my friends have never been to Atlanta, and I rarely hear people talk about it or tell you that you need to go visit. It’s everything you need in a big city- very diverse, clean, a lot to do and see, and great food! I had excellent Vietnamese food at So Ba in East Atlanta Village. There is a belt line that goes through the city that is a great path to ride your bike or walk. Little Five Points is the area I would recommend spending a late night in, maybe see a concert at Variety Playhouse, but you need to stop at my favorite bar first called Saint Louisa’s Church of the Living Room close to downtown. A great place to go eat and drink is at Superica, a Tex-Mex style restaurant, if Vietnamese food isn’t your thing. Atlanta is a city that could keep you busy for as long as you want to be there, so it would make a lot of sense to me if you decided not to leave.


San Diego


I can hear I’ve Been Bored by Superheaven playing at full volume as we speed down the thruway with the windows down to Coronado Beach. My brother was living here at the time, and got to see some old faces from Rochester. This was my second time in San Diego but did a lot of firsts, including a couple baseball games, San Diego Zoo, and going to new breweries. I got to see one of my favorite lettering artists’ work at Modern Times brewery. Great tasting beer, great looking cans- couldn’t be better. When I go on vacation, it is rarely to a beach or a city where I’ll be wearing shorts and tank tops the entire time, but this was something that a guy living in New York City needs every now and again. No more overshadowing buildings, loud traffic, and congestion; It’s outdoor bars, sand on your feet, and waves crashing. Shake Shack is still better tho, sorry. All in all, it was a great bonding trip that I’ll keep in my back pocket forever.






I finally made it to London even though I've technically been here before, if that makes any sense. I came here a few months ago for our company retreat around Kent but didn't spend any time in downtown London, so I had a lot of things to see and do. There's so much to do here, however, I barely scratched the surface. Every street has it's own personality and I wanted to walk down all of them. I'm lucky enough to have friends in London who I spent a lot of time with and had some of the best nights of my life.




I went to Nashville eight months ago from writing this, and remember not telling anyone I was going. It was a great getaway from New York City and a definite change of pace. Aside from the main strip, which I thought was too gimmicky and fake, it felt very peaceful and quiet. Growing up in the north, I've never had a connection with southern traditions but appreciate the things it has to offer. Only places I wanted to go to when I was there was Third Man Records and City House restaurant, both great. Now that I've gotten the main strip and touristy things out of the way in Nashville, my visit back will definitely be exploring the hidden charms of the city.




I definitely wasn't palling on being in Detroit for my birthday this year, but it couldn't have worked out any better. Myself and team from work were all invited to participate in the Murals In the Market festival in Detroit. I had a lot of fun spending every minute with them all, painting, drinking, and just having fun. As a birthday gift from my boss, we got a special tour of the new Little Caesars Arena. As a birthday gift to myself, a few of us went to Third Man Records and bought some classic Detroit garage-rock vinyl. I can't wait to go back and spend more time here, it's a very special city.




Back in Vancouver for work, but arrived two days early to enjoy the city. First stop is always to grab a Parkside Brewery beer. Luckily the Vancouver Canucks pre-season started when I was there, so I happened to catch the Vegas Golden Knights' first pre-season game in NHL history. The rest of the time was spent working on the mural shown in the picture, for WeWork at 595 Burrard Street in downtown. Can't wait to go back!




Barcelona was not originally on my places to visit this year, but seemed like an easy pick when I found out I would be in England the week before. We were scheduled to arrive in Barcelona just two days after the terrorist attack in La Rambla on August 17. We were lucky to not be there during the attack but the feeling was still in the air. I spent a week in Barcelona, staying in the Gothic Quarter, close to all the bars and restaurants. I was fortunate enough to be with a good group of friends, we went to the 200th anniversary of the Festa Major de Gràcia, which celebrated to 200th year of the Gràcia neighborhood. We took a sailboat out on the water with Airbnb experience and got to swim in the ocean. We took a bus tour, which covered a lot of ground, and did the Camp Nou Experience at the Barcelona football club stadium which gave us a full tour of the stadium and museum. Getting the opportunity to go on the field was the cherry on top. I'm happy I got to cross this place off the list so early in life. Not sure if I'll ever be back, but definitley made a lot of special memories to hold onto forever.



New York

Summer will never feel like summer without Upstate New York. Going to concerts, going to the Adirondacks, jumping in the lake in any small town in Upstate New York is in my blood. I found this summer to be a particular special one because it's been a few years since I've done these things. With all my friends living in different cities across the US and life rolling on the way it does, I may never get to fully dive into this feeling like I did every summer growing up, but I will always find moments to visit and remind myself how great Upstate New York is for rest of my life.




Chicago. My favorite city in the United States. It feels like home to me, literally like Rochester and Buffalo, but... better. The people, the food, the sports, the weather, the music, the lake... all of it. Everything I have a passion for in my life is right here. My first time here was back in 2011, where I got to spend time with my graphic design classmates and good friends. Coming back with my brother felt like I never left. I debated on moving to either Chicago or New York City after college; even though New York City happened, and I'm glad it did, it doesn't feel like Chicago... it never will.




"I've never truly been to Miami," is what I told myself before this trip because I was 15 years old the last time I was in the area. Plus, is Fort Lauderdale considered Miami? I'm not sure, but I know there's no place I've been to like Miami Beach. I usually find myself going to Tampa when I come to Florida, however, this time around was spent in South Beach with no set plans or places to go. My three days consisted of sleeping, going to the beach, and eating, all within a five block radius. Favorite place to eat was Yardbird, and favorite bar was Kill Your Idol, both within walking distance from each other. Not a long trip, nor what most people would consider a "vacation," but it was exactly what I was looking for.




I've been to Boston many times through out my life. It has always given me that same feeling you get when you go back to your hometown. It doesn't have the wow factor of a major metropolis plus the city and people give off a small town mentality in my opinion, which is something I prefer. Something happens in big cities like New York and Los Angeles when too many people share the same interests that it doesn't feel like there is something to call your own. There is still a lot to do in Boston even though people aren't flying across the country to do them, which is what I like about it. Leave me in Boston with the beautiful views on the water and the great seafood while you wait in line to look at a building in some other city.




I’ve been to Montreal twice now, not too far apart from each other, both in the colder months. I always felt a connection with Canada and this tripped proved it. I’ve easily had the best food experiences in my life both times I’ve been there, at Le Bremner in Old Montreal and Joe Beef in Little Burgundy. It just so happened my cousin was in town playing the Montreal Canadiens in the few days the last time I was there, so having time to spend with him was the cherry on top. Definitely will be making more frequent visits to Montreal no matter the time of year.


Los Angeles


My first trip out to California was in November 2014. We flew to Los Angeles, rented a car, drove around LA and down to San Diego, stopping in La Jolla. I had such an amazing time having a glimpse of a lifestyle very different from what I’m used to. The people I was with made it very special, it felt like a true vacation. My second time back was with work to have our company summit meeting. I went a day early to see one of my good friends from back home and go to a Kings game. On the last day of the trip, we had a majority of Universal Studios to ourselves! It was a great opportunity to bond with my co-workers, both people all over the world, and people I see everyday.




Hong Kong


I never envisioned myself going to Hong Kong, let alone so soon in my life. I was lucky enough to be asked to go to Hong Kong for work for a week, in October/November. Me and a fellow co-worker went on the trip to install artwork in a WeWork building in the Wan Chai district. We had a few days to break away from work and explore. I took a boat to Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island, mostly for the boat ride itself and try to wrap my head around how far from home I was.




The visit to Seattle was an extension of my Vancouver trip. My friend and I caught a cheap, short bus ride down and spent three days exploring the city. We spent most of the time doing "touristy" things but what the hell- why not. We ate oysters, went on boats, watched baseball, and took it all in. Next trip out to Washington will have to be spent outside of the city and in nature, but Seattle is definitely a city I could see myself living in.



British Columbia

This is a trip I will always remember. I've been to Canada many times but never out west before. Vancouver was the perfect balance of city and nature, which is my idea of a perfect place to live. The purpose of the trip was to visit a brewery I did the logo for, The Parkside Brewery in Port Moody, but spent most of the trip exploring the area. Vancouver is incredibly convenient to explore on a bike and very easy to get around. I highly recommend ditching the car and riding a bicycle around town and through Stanley Park. You won't find a bad view anywhere you go.





North Carolina

I’ve had very different experiences from when I first visited Raleigh back in January 2010 to when I did recently. It was pretty much my first small experience of the south but didn’t get to do too much, being the winter and all, besides seeing one of the best NHL games in my life… and I’ve seen more than I can count. This time around was summer. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot at first but now I’m happy to say Raleigh is a place that just comes easy. The main reason I went down was to visit friends that just settled down there. I spent most of the time on the water of Falls Lake riding boats and wake boarding. That’s my friend Jake in the photo, not me. Also, we went to the North Carolina Museum of Art and I was surprised at the amount of great pieces there; seen originals from some of my favorite artists of all time Franz Klein and Ed Ruscha. We ate, we drank, we played roller hockey, we played music, even got to see an old friend that made the trip down from Richmond, Virginia.  Being surrounded by such great people definitely changed my mind about Raleigh and gave me a new perspective on what I want in life.






It's hard to mention the places I've been and places I will go without first mentioning Maine. My trip to Portland, Maine made me realize how much I want to explore more and do different things. I was lucky enough to drive up with my brother and his girlfriend, where we got to spend time with all of her friends. First stop was Cape Elizabeth, where we took in the sights, followed by a lot of eating and drinking, and exploring the downtown shops. I live in Manhattan, so seeing the great outdoors, cooking on a grill while playing catch with a dog isn’t something I take for granted; the drive up there simply felt like a vacation to me. I wrote a few postcards to my friends and family about the trip and how special it was, another thing I need to remind myself to do more. Maine is a very special place and I can’t wait to go back.